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ESA friends in Paris

Why ESA?

Since the Middle Ages, Paris has drawn students from around the world for university study and for the experience of its rich cosmopolitan lifestyle. ESA has the staff, the experience, and the willingness to make your experience in Paris worthy of one of the world's great capital cities.

Program highlights:

Language Study

You can choose between the Survival French program taught by ESA faculty or courses at the prestigious Institut Catholique, just steps from the ESA residence.

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ESA offers a complete introduction to French civilization, as well as special lectures and seminars designed to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of France’s rich cultural heritage.

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ESA Residences are comfortable, well-situated dorms with nice facilities. Family stays are also available.

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Paris Cultural Activities


A full-day excursion to Giverny & Rouen plus a weekend trip to the Chateaux of the Loire will allow you explore more of France at no additional cost.

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Want a little night life? ESA offers you a choice of two evening cultural activities: a ballet at the Garnier Opera House, a concert in a historic locale, or an evening visit to Versailles.

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Chambord chateau


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