Summer 2020 Updates:

Email sent 24 March 2020

Dear Paris Participants:

We are all living through a stressful period created by the corona virus problems.  Your spring classes have been disrupted and probably your work, too. We share your dismay.  We hope you are in good health in spite of it all.

Given the recent decision by the State Department to advise against international travel abroad, as well as the European Union travel restrictions, we have made the very difficult decisions to cancel the July 2020 Program in Paris.  Neither the American nor French governments have a timeline on when the disruptions will end.  We do not want you to be abroad and not be able to return home easily.

We share your disappointment and hope that you will consider joining us in July 2021.  Therefore, we are offering you some options for your refund.  

  • You can have a refund check for the  entire amount paid, or

  • You can leave a deposit ($300) on account for the July 2021 program.

July 2021: We have been in contact with the colleges and expect to offer the July session 2021 as we had planned for 2020, dates July 1-31, 2021.  Participants who leave a deposit on reserve will have a reserved spot in the 2021 program with no increase in program fees (base price for twin room; does not include airfare). We anticipate that the program (base) fee for 2021 will be $3800.  As you know, this year the ESA Program filled quite quickly and for the last two months we’ve had a wait list. Leaving a deposit on reserve guarantees you a spot in 2021 (and at 2020 prices). We cannot set the airfare yet (flights cannot be reserved until September), but we will continue to work for the most competitive fares available from a reputable airline.  Finally, if you would like to change your rooming situation (i.e. request a different dorm or a single room), you can make the request now. This will be particularly helpful if you are trying to reserve a single room as they always sell out first. Reservations for 2021 may be cancelled without penalty through Jan. 31, 2021. 

To complete your refund, please email the following information to Dr. Blair ( or send via US Mail  (ESA, 424 Dorado Terr, San Francisco, CA 94112)


Phone number _________________________ Email_____________________________________

Mailing address for the check: ____________________________________________ZIP________

Check payable to ______________________________________________

_____ I wish to leave $_________  on account for the July 2021 program

Any change in your rooming request?


Please give me a call if you have questions.  We are disappointed, too, but the main thing is to be in good health and look to a brighter future.


Tom BLAIR, Ph.D.

European Studies Association



Email sent 4 March 2020


Bonjour, ESA Paris 2020 Participant,


We are excited to have you join us in Paris this summer. Our 2020 program has already sold out! 


Because a number of you have inquired about the program with regards to the current concerns about the Corona Virus, we are sending this email to reassure you.  At this time we remain cautiously optimistic that everything will be fine and our program will go forward as planned.  As you know we have been offering this trip for 43 years and we have never had to cancel!  


Should authorities decide that it is unsafe to travel to France in July, we will cancel the program and refund your paid program fees without penalty. At the moment, there is no such governmental directive.  The French authorities, like the Americans, have been closely monitoring and preventing the spread of the disease  including changing the date of a major real-estate conference from March until June, advising people to stop shaking hands or kissing cheeks as a greeting during the outbreak and canceling a few winter events that attract large crowds. If you look at the previous SARS problem, a more dangerous virus, it came in a similar time frame (January to March) and the issue was mostly gone by the end of April so we are hopeful that the situation will be similar with the Corona Virus. We are closely monitoring both American and French news to stay abreast of developments. We will keep you informed of any changes.


To give everyone a little more time, we are changing the date for personal cancelations with full refund to May 1, 2020 (instead of April 1). If you decide that you are unable to join us this summer, contact us by May 1 and your money will be refunded to you. For decisions after May 1, you might also consider purchasing “Trip Cancelation” insurance; there’s information available on our website. Again, if the U.S. State Department issues a Level 3 or 4 Travel Advisory for Paris (asking Americans to remain home), the program will be canceled for July 2020 and all payments will be refunded. At present, the Travel Advisory remains at Level 2 (where it has been for about the last 5 years) and no such measure is warranted.


Again, we follow the news daily and will update you as needed. As you may know, France has a strong healthcare system, and in fact French people live longer than Americans on the whole and health care is very affordable.  We have a network of English speaking doctors we use in Paris and should anything happen, you will have a team of our faculty/staff to support you if you become ill or injured.


In the meantime, planning for the summer is continuing apace: we have many enjoyable and interesting activities for you.  We'll show pictures of many of our activities at our May orientations in Los Angeles and at Los Medanos College. And we’ll save a couple of surprises, too, to make your summer even more special.


If you have not made your activity selections yet, please do so soon.   It's fun to imagine yourself in Paris! The Activity selections are found here: