2022 Program Participants


We're very happy that you'll be joining us for the July 2022 Paris Program. Watch here for announcements and links to events in Paris.

Paperwork & Documentation

We'll have several interactive forms for you to complete while we prepare for our July 2022 program. The Contract form that was emailed to you is a paper only form that we take with us to Paris. Because that form has private, medical information, it is kept in a safe place and used in case of emergencies (for example, if you become ill, we would share that information with your medical team). Other information, such as your passport number, will be used to submit to the US State Department's STEP program (US citizens only).

Here is a list of the interactive forms we'll ask you for.

Post Card

Additional Info Form


In this questionnaire, we ask about your language background and passport information.

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Group Flight Sign-Up


In this questionnaire, we find out your activity preferences, such as ballet or opera? Vegetarian, fish or meat meal option? etc.

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Map of Paris

Activities Form


How was your trip? We'd love your feedback so we can continue to make our summer program a great academic experience!

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