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With ESA, you'll never be bored! We have a wide range of activities that will help you to see the sites, understand the culture and explore on your own.



Museum Visits

"There are only two places in the world where we can live happily: at home and in Paris."

– Ernest Hemingway

ESA arranges for you to visit a number of museums and monuments as part of its Civilization program. This year's group visits include: the Louvre, the Musée d'Orsay, the Carnavalet Paris History Museum and more!

Photo by Diane Picchiottino on Unsplash

Civilization Program

ESA offers an introduction to French civilization, through informative talks, walking tours and guest speakers designed to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of the rich cultural heritage of France. Some walking tours and museum visits include a French option for intermediate to advanced students.

Photo by Robin Ooode on Unsplash

Walking Tours

Our walking tours will help you get to know Paris-- and its history-- better! Both faculty and professional guides will explore the Saint-Germain-des-Prés and Latin Quarter areas, showing you hidden gems and telling you the stories of the neighborhoods.

Some walking tours will have a French option (adapted for intermediate to advanced learners of the language).

Photo by DAT VO on Unsplash

Weekend in Normandy

 & Excursions

Unlike many other programs, ESA includes the cost of a three day weekend trip and two day-long excursions in your fees.


This year's weekend trip will be to Normandy and our day trips will include the impressive medieval Pierrefonds Castle and the capital of the Champagne region, Reims.

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