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ESA Residences

Where will you live?

Students stay in a well-located dorm in the St. Germain des Prés or Montparnasse areas of Paris. Each residence has comfortable common areas-- lounge, TV room, student kitchen, library, etc.


Meal plans vary by dorm but all include a continental breakfast daily. Accommodations include twin or single rooms; baths may be shared or private (depending on the dorm). Some single rooms are available at a supplement but these rooms fill up quickly so apply early!

Main Dorm

Condé Dorm
(Maison des Élèvesde l'École du Louvre)

Central Location

Lively Neighborhood

Second Dorm

Foyer de la Sainte Famille

Quiet neighborhood

Near Institut Catholique

Other Housing Options

ESA can also arrange accommodations with a family. Family accommodations tend to be further away from the ESA residences so you'll need to plan for an extra 30-45 minutes on public transportation to arrive to ESA activities. Rooms are singless; baths may be shared. Breakfast is provided daily. Dinner options vary. If you are interested, please inquire as soon as possible. Please note, Family Stays not available to Los Medanos students.

If you've arranged for your own housing in Paris, please note that ESA cannot guarantee that space in the residences will be available if you change your mind at a later date.

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