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Info for 2022 Participants

Our online guide to life in Paris gives you useful information for making the most of your trip.

Get more info about our free art classes with resident artist, Liz Scotta. Sign-ups in Paris. Limited to 25 people per session.

Please complete the form by 15 April!

Click on "Activities Form" to access it (opens in a new window)

Have a small headshot (e.g. driver's license, passport photo) and vax card photo ready to upload

We'll go over the practicalities of your trip including packing & travel tips, as well as money & communication.  See Bulletin #4 for orientation times & places

June 3: San Francisco

June 10: 9:30 am ELAC

June 10: 2:30 pm LAVC

See the ESA July 2023 Calendar to stay up-to-date on this year's activities.


(Note that calendar may change as reservations are confirmed (or onsite due to weather)! Be careful when making reservations for activities, the Eiffel Tower, etc.)

Links to Orientation Slide Deck, Presentation Slide Decks, etc.

Art Exhibits in Paris

Paris is a city of art. Besides the museums that are part of the ESA Civilization program, we encourage you to take advantage of these other events.

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