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Info for 2024 Participants

Our online guide to life in Paris gives you useful information for making the most of your trip.

Click on title above to order your ISIC student ID card. This card is paid for by ESA and will be delivered to you by email. 

Click here for more info.

Get more info about our free art classes with resident artist, Liz Scotta. Sign-ups in Paris. Limited to 25 people per session.

See Comments for information about activities with pending reservations.

Note that changes due to weather or unforeseen circumstances may take place.


Swimming Pool

Jeux Olympiques 2024

Paris Olympics Information

Official Website for the Olympics:

  1. Tickets:  Note that tickets are limited and are mostly expensive. Your best bets may be soccer or handball. New tickets are released every so often so get your name on the mailing list for best options.

  2. See this map of the Olympics venues. Your metro/bus pass will get you to most of these locations.

  3. Even if you don't have tickets to the events, you can still celebrate the events at one of the fan zones. Read about them here. The closest fan zone to our dorms will be at Place St. Sulpice. And there will be some "cultural zones" celebrating different parts of the world. See this article  for more information.  Please keep safety in mind when visiting sites where there will be lots of tourists gathering. Don't bring valuables to feed the pickpockets! Also expect high levels of security; keep a copy of your passport with you!

  4. What about the opening ceremony? The Opening Ceremony will take place on the Seine River with 115 boats carrying the athletes from the Austerlitz bridge to the Eiffel Tower. Seats along the riverbank are VERY EXPENSIVE ($550-$3000). The upper quais are now ticketed and distributed by sports groups, mayors around France, etc. In other words, they will NOT be open to the general public. The best places to watch the ceremonies may be the fan zones... or a TV broadcast!

Navigo Pass Advantages

Your Navigo Pass (provided to everyone in the ESA program at no additional cost!) gives you access to metros, trams, buses and regional trains in Zones 1-5 of the Paris transit system. This means you can get to the Chateau de Versailles, Disneyland Paris and many other places without additional charges.

Read more in the Getting Around section of Paris Pratique.


Your Navigo pass also gives you reduced rates at many museums, cinemas, chateaux, etc. in the Paris area. Read about it here at the Sortir à Paris site (in English) or check out the interactive map (en français).

Albert Kahn Museum & Gardens

The Museum and Gardens are open Tuesday-Saturday from 11 AM to 6 PM. Entrance is 8€ but free if you are 27 years old or younger. They recommend getting your ticket in advance.

Donjon du château de Vincennes _edited.jpg
Chateau de Vincennes

Currently tickets are only available through July 12. Self-guided tours are 13€ but show your Navigo pass for a discounted rate.

Mini-Golf (Parc Floral)

Play 18 holes of mini-golf where each hole is a Parisian monument! Inside the Parc Floral. Open weekends 13h30-19h. 12€ adults. Seniors, students 8€. Entrance via Parc Floral (beautiful gardens!) Reservations encouraged (click the Pour Réserver button).

MiniGolf de Paris website>

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